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I found a 1980 Honda CB750F. Everything works, starts, runs, shifts. Appears to be painted metallic gold (definitely not original). Electrical seems to be in place. Little dirty which is expected of an old bike as this.

Any advice? Common issues I should look out for? I am a new rider 5'6" @160lb that is used to a CB125S. Is the 750 too big for me? I realize it would be much more complicated machine and kind of worried about the weight.

It seems like a really good deal and I don't feel bad about chopping it up but... of course I haven't talked to wife yet

Would love to hear some wisdom and I'm sure we have some 750 owners here to give me some insight.


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Get a leak-down test or at least a compression test and make sure there is no excessive rattling noise from a rattling cam chain. These are heavy bikes taller and more top heavy than what you are used to so you may have a hard time getting used to low speed manoeuvring at first. They are still cool though :)
Do you know someone that can come look at it with you, they can be expensive to fix, you don't want to get over your head.

Almost forgot, get the charging system checked, they are a weak spot.
Crabs gave you good advice on what to look for. These are very manageable bikes. They're not rocket fast and are fairly bullet proof. I've had short friends over the years (not all that tall myself), but we just drop the forks and use shorter shocks. I have a friend who's 4'10" and we have her on a R6. Also a good upholstery shop can narrow and drop a portion of the seat. You're looking at a neat bike that doesn't get a lot of respect because of the disco stickers, but I've owned several and they are good all around rides. Paint it black, and if you can find original decals, you'd be surprised how much attention they garner. The whole, too much bike thing....Look, if you have half a brain, you just keep your throttle wrist in check and you'll be fine. My wife has ridden everything from my Aprilia to my bagger and never wrecked. Started my kid on an R6. Just use common sense and you'll have a blast on that Honda for a lot of years...
Thanks guys! This is good information. It will be difficult to test this bike extensively as MI is under a blizzard every week.

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I'm super fond of old Hondas and I'm restoring an 81 750F and 750C now, plus a 500/4. So no bias against that bike from me, quite the opposite.

If you're purchasing this bike as your semi-daily rider, your one and only, you had better be fond of tinkering and learning because you will quickly find that competent mechanics are scarce, dealers won't touch it, and you will always be tinkering with that bike. It has 37 year old everything on it, and things like brake lines, seals, carburetor insulators, carb o-rings, chain, sprockets, wiring, wheel and steering head bearings are well past their 'fresh by' date right now.

I love old bikes, make my living with them, but if you want a bike for riding, I'd buy something newer and smaller, like a 90s GS500E or a Ninja/EX 500. My $.02,

This is good wisdom. What do you guys think of the nighthawk 750? how different is that form the 80s SS? is it better?

I personally never liked the styling of the nighthawks but I wouldn't mind an old one to mod. Found some EU/JP versions online they look so much better in my opinion. Why is that that we the nighthawk instead for the us market? I believe they are on the same frame and engine see images attached. anyways I digressed. thank you for the information.


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The later models were considered by many as soulless. That being said, many also considered it the ultimate UJM. Does everything O.K. but doesn't excel at any one thing, except maybe mundane styling. I've never been a fan of that bike, but several guys on this site have turned them into really bitchin bikes. I think a few have won botm. They are usually cheap, parts are reasonable, if you have a line on one cheap and have any talent, you could have something cool....
I'm a big fan of the Nighthawk, and IIRC some had shaft drive too, which along with the hydraulic valve lifters made them pretty low maintenance. They also have lower seat heights which might also suit you.

If you're shopping for an 80s bike though, shop for an 80s bike mechanic at the same time and don't buy one without the other :).
That's good to know. The nighthawk I found is also a 750 from 95 and even cheaper. I just can't stand how they look. I thought about getting the RC42 tank that belongs to the eu/jp bikes in the images above and oh my! They are rare and go for 1k a pop. Cheapest I found was ~$700. At that point it's not even worth it.

Will be going to see both bikes this weekend. I will update. Thanks again.

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Update: nighthawk was no go, guy had an offer. Checked out the 750 SS, I wasn't too comfortable with it, felt a bit high and the bike needed more work than I could give it. Which explained the price.

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