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Anyone know how long a bike has to be out if the system to have no back fees? I have the title, last reg was in 2002. Thanks.
I could be totally wrong here, but I don't really think it matters how long it's out of the system for. My bike was last registered in the 70's and I had to pay back fees of like $100 I think to re-register it and transfer title.
True, let me be a little more specific: I believe that if it has been registered in the last seven years, then you have to pay up, so if you haven't registered it in six, you have to pay all the back for six years, after seven though I believe it is removed and you just have to pay reg and transfer for what would be considered one year. As you stated, I could be totally atom which is why am wondering. Thanks for the reply, it does give me some hope ;D
I have a 550 that has not been registered since 92 and they want 500 bucks to register , supposedly this bike should have fallen out of the system .
It really dosent matter, The dmv is catching on to what is going on with these old bikes. so dont be surprised at them telling you to cough up the cash.
how much are they asking for ?
I have a 69 SL90 Honda that I tried to register but they had no record of the bike and said they didnt keep a vehicle on the books if it hadnt been registered for ten years or more. They issued a new pink and got it back on the books with no back fees due. This has been over ten years ago so obviously things have changed for the worse(big suprise).. I read that getting a non op slip is now ten bucks as well. Cali is not the place it used to be in so many ways..... too bad.
Maybe this will help. It is a registration fee calculator provided by the DMV.

From what I've read, the only way to avoid back fees is to fill out an Affidavit of Non-Use (Reg 5090) which is $5 a year. But if the previous owner didn't do this and just wasn't paying registration, then you may be held responsible for all the registration back fees. The only way to really find out is either go to a AAA office or go to the devil's workshop itself, the DMV. :D

That being said, when I registered my 71 CL350, they said they didn't have a record of it in their books and I still owed them $100 to register it.
Time to pay the boat man and cross the river styx and begin the long descent into hades (dmv). Let's hope I don't get bent over to far, I'm not as limber as I use to be. Thanks for all the help and advice. I will post when I return.
so i went to the dmv... 683$ in back fees, no thank you. They said its ten years to be out of the system. BUT if you go in to check the fees the timeline starts all over again. Bummer, so now i am look for another CB twin in the northern california area if you know anyone selling.
Holy crap! That is insane. Sorry to hear that. Can't believe it resets every time you check. That's total BS.
Yeah, I told her I was not gonna pay that and I could find another one cheaper that has drooped out of the system. Went home, went on craigslist, found one and went and picked it up. COMPLETE BIKE! 280$! Now I have a frame I can register cause it fell out in 1989 and a whole bike for spares (parting out soon) and a good motor! F-YOU DMV!
They changed the law in California recently. Now the bike will never fall out of the system, and after 5 months or so they will garnish your wages for the back fees.
I know this is an old thread, but I was able to get the Penalties waived from non-paying PO.

I cited CVC 9562 . You need to fill out a Statement of Facts form REG 256, stating that you were unaware of the back fees at time of purchase. You may need to try a few different DMV offices because it is up to the Branch Manager. I ended up getting $660 down to $250 to transfer title and make current, still had to pay back-registration, but none of the penalties.

I also included some emails with the PO which he stated it was non-opped in 2007.
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