Can anyone confirm this part number?


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I need new slow and pilot jets as mine are pretty tore up, I found a NOS keyster kit on eBay, but I want to make sure the part number is correct since in the picture (Part # 7300-317), it looks like the ones in the picture are threaded, and the ones I've pulled out of my carbs (one is a 3d and one is a 722a) are not threaded. Link below to the listing if it helps.
Also any solicitation to sell me any extra pilot and slow jets would be acceptable, I already have a new O-ring set and gasket set for the float bowls, so I'd rather not buy the whole kit if I can avoid it. If not, it never hurts to have spare parts.
Not sure on that one, I found this one that looks like what you are talking about
Thanks, maybe the part I'm seeing that is threaded is the air screw, but I guess I'm better off buying the parts I know will fit rather than following that lead on eBay that may or may not pan out. Thanks for the info!
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