can I restore carb holders?


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is there a way to restore or otherwise make useable carb holders that are stiff from weather and age?
the carbs were a pain to remove and just will not go back on without more force than I am comfortable applying to the carbs.
Rub them with castor oil. That will do the trick sometimes. Also, hit them with a hair dryer as you stick the carbs back in. That will make the job 100x easier.
And not giving you a hard time in any way, but always try to include the year, make and model of the bike when asking questions. It will ensure that you get the right info, ane help gurantee that you'll also get all the possible help out there.
thanks I thought there might be a cheap way to go about it.

i didnt include bike info cause its a pretty universal question, but:
its the 72 cb 350f I have listed in the sale area for parts. I ask this because if nobody wants the parts I am going to revive it, as this pretty little engine is growing on me as i look at it sitting in my kitchen and I have almost everything but the bodywork for it
There is a thread over at, restoring old rubber.
Use Wintergreen #12
I tried using xylene...soaked the boots in xylene for a few hours. Some people make a mix of xylene and wintergreen. The xylene did soften the rubber, at least enough to get the carbs back on the boots without destroying them, but bottom line; if you have 30-year old rubber boots that have lost their elasticity, there's no Fountain of have to get new boots.

Of course, if the only boots you can find are NOS boots that look worse and are harder than the boots you have, then short-term, try xylene, heat guns, etc, while you continue your search for better boots...

This was my situation...
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