CB 750 Rearsets?

Fast from the Past has Tarozzi's. From what feeback I've heard on SOHC/4, the Tarozzi's are more durable than the Raask rearsets. Both will bolt directly on a 69-76. In addition, Tarozzi has mounting brackets for the SS models. Those with 77-78Ks are unfortunately out of luck, and will have to fabricate mounts.
chopperholic said:
I think I got it? Here is what I build

haha i know those handlebars! turbogrimace has them sitting on his kitchen table along with the rest of his chrome and polish!
I broke down and ordered some Raask rearsets from Omar. Just got them today. They are temporarily installed to get everything set up, but man were they easy. They look real good too.
papa wheelie said:
carppy has a set. check it!

YEAH LOL if you want to waste 500 US quan, I wouldn't buy em tooooo much cash.
if you are looking to by an off the shelf bolt on set then tarozzis are probably the why to go, i havnt heard good things about the quality of material that raask uses and they seem to sit really high.
modifying gixxer sets also seems to be very popular and works really well

if you want to go for the fab from scratch route this might give you some ideas (modeled from dunstall rear sets from the 70's)


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here is the set up i used as i wanted to get rid of all the linkages...joe
I picked up a pair of Tarozzi's from Omar. Top quality product. I have also purchased quite a few bits from Carpy but his pricing isn't the most competitive. On the other hand he's a great guy who answers questions....
I picked up a set of Raask from Omar. I am generally happy with them except for the brake lever arm. Mine broke along the splines- seemed kind of weak and brittle. I fabbed up a new one using stock brake peddle- much beefier. I also added an adjustable stop so I can set the peddle in a comfortable position- adjusts from horizontal to about a 45 degree downward angle.
I used a set of Tarozzis with moto-guzzi brackets (hey, it's what I had)

Drilled the frame, installed threaded sleeves, and they bolt-in.

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