cb seven fifty rc42


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So back in 2012 i started on my cb seven fifty rc42 café racer Build. Back then i chopped a whole bunch of the frame... A big mistake cos now im struggling with thé subframe. This is how she sits now.




Now i have absolutely no idea on where tot start...

This how i want things to look :


Any ideas? ( I don't have access to a pipe bender. Welding is not a problem)

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You can buy pre-bent rear "hoops" based on the distance between your existing shock mounts. I would just weld straight tubing from the backbone to the rear hoop.
1+ to Brotus, I'd get the hoop so you can be sure you can align the laterals and hoop. Also think about whether you want to stash electrics in a box between those rails and if so, make a cardboard mockup and think it through. Cardboard is cheap. But don't get "writer's block" - it's not like you've trashed this puppy, just get on 'er. Spring is coming!
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