CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

I'm sitting here watching this with a bunch of friends, and I cannot help but feel that this is possibly the weirdest thing that has ever occurred in the history of this thread.
NAh. It's just raised the cultural and artistic standard.

Now all we need are dancing Morris's - Minors, Majors or 1100's.
morris dancing is just the social manifestation of consumption of magic mushrooms in the middle ages
forgot to mention (read that as pissed as a parrot) last night got some photos of our clubs bike show last weekend

bask in the lime loveliness of my max and stand in awe of some of the dodgy old english bikes, couple of cool cars too

see if you can spot the CT110 race bikes in the background somewhere, they're CT160s now and hot as fuck


if anyones up for it, in 2 hours time (8pm tues nite local time east coast australia) i'll be on the radio www.pbsfm.org.au 106.7fm melb area filling in for a mates show 'go for broke', punk, rock, metal etc goes for 2 hours or listen to the archived thingy later cheers spotty
Wow, I've read through all 165 pages of this thread spanning several years and 2 builders and I can't help but feel a tad bit ashamed. I should have just skipped to the end! :D
Probably everything on them.. haha! I have watched this thread.. reminds me of a heart rate monitor going up down up down flat lining...fine, veers off, back on topic, gone somewhere not even related to anything haha..

Like they say, has a mind of its own!

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there are photos of the acid zebra max on the links below, would have posted the nphotos but i'm thick as pig shit when it comes to stuff like this, come to think of it, i'm amazed i got these to work........enjoy and feel truly envious of an awesome paint job (if not perhaps the best paintjob finish in the world, i'm opposed to cruelty to sandpaper, or using the stuff for that matter)





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