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I've wanted to build a CB350 trike for awhile and recently bought a lot of parts which cost more money than I thought they would.

I started with a stock CL350 frame. I cut the neck off and angled it 10 more degrees than it was stock and welded it back on. I cut the top of the frame out and put a DOM tube in there I got from a friend. He even bent it for me. I cut the rear of the frame off and made it a hard tail. I kept the swing arm in place and cut the ends off to weld bearing plates to them.

I'm running four bearings and a 36"x1.25" go kart axle which I plan to cut in half at the end of the project so the trike can turn. I think it will work enough so I can ride it. I'm not sure, we'll see. The tires are 22x8.5-12 and the rims are 12"x8.5. Both DOT approved golf kart wheels/tires. These were expensive at $260 for the pair. The wheel base is about 57" I think and the width at the rear is just under 48". I'm using hydraulic go kart brakes on the rear axles.

I have plans for some type of fiberglass cover that hides the rear axle. I want to do a tall one like the old Ed Roth trikes but I might do a shorter one to start. Maybe I'll do a couple that I can swap out. Tall, short, and truck bed maybe?

I hope to be done with the fabrication in a couple weeks as long as I can stay motivated.

I got most of the go kart parts from http://out2win.com.
I got the tires and wheels from atvmaster on ebay.


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This is completely ridiculous.

In a good way.

Proceed sir.
Moving along slowly. The major fabrication is done. I'm working on making fiberglass covers for the rear axle. I made three but will likely only keep two. I don't like the round bubble one. The third one will be the tall fin style in the original drawing above.

I used clay to make the shape I wanted. i got it from a local clay supplier. It was cheap at $12 for a 50lbs bag of dry clay. Mixing it by hand was a pain. Covered it in tin foil, then masking tape, then fiberglass. I learned this from videos from Youtube member Stigz. Here is one of the videos

My garage is an absolute mess.


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madder than a box of frogs, keep it up

another method of doing the guards for the back tyres is in sheet alloy or steel but paint them to match the tyre tread, makes them disappear, also clear Perspex/lexan has the same effect
It's not quite done yet but I did take it to a bike show in Jan. I redid the fiberglass thing on the back. The old one was too small for me to sit on.


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