Cb360 fuel in the oil?

The 360 Cafe is all back together with new float needles and oil, and float set to 20mm.

Had a test run to the Cafe

Bike ran well and no smell of fuel in the oil.

So looks like a result !


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Thanks for all the input guys!

I will remove and inspect the carbs at the weekend.

The bike runs well, and it really does seem that the oil level rises on even a brief run.
Nothing comes out of the overflows

The carbs are not the originals, were supplied with the bike which was a half completed project.... So I suspect this problem has always been there with these carbs.

I will check:

Overflows blocked?
Float valves clean/ridged
Test setup on bench without valves to check overflows
Test setup on bench with valves

Will post an update , prob with pics to assist diagnosis!

Thanks again

Bringing back a thread from the dead with the same issue, went through it all and everything looks good. I'm boggled in how in how in how feel is getting into the oil.

Petcock works as it should

Seat valve looks good, seat is clean

Overflows work.

Have it on the bench right now with an aux tank and no leaks anywhere so it has to be entering while the bike is running. I'm tempted to just get new oem seat valves to see if it fixes my problem.


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