Cb360 misfire has me stumped


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Just finished this build with all fresh wiring, only wires never changed is the yellow and blue wires coming from the points.

So one day out for a cruise bike misfired to a point where left cylinder went cold. Idle seems fine but high revs bike gets jerky with no power.

Just swapped in new coils, wires, plugs and oem points. All timed perfectly and valves adjusted along with cam chain tensioner.

Take out for a test and still misfire. When I unplug left plug wire it keeps running but dies instantly when pulling right plug. Removed points cover to see if it made a difference but same.

Carbs running pods but were rebuilt by crazypj so no issues there.

Compression is 145 left and 155 right.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Sonreir™ said:
Battery voltage?
Hmm I'll have to double check, I'm using one of your regulator rectifiers with an earth x 12a

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