Cb360 question for you wise men.


I just bought the ricks stator R/R combo along with new coils wires, sparkplugs.
I'm running small led signals, stock headlight and small break light.
I will also be using electric start on the bike.
Now thesis question, battery.. I don't want to get a really expensive battery and waste my money frying the battery but I want a small durable battery that will do the job with my set up.

Antigravity 8 cell, or an earth x?
Not sure, hope someone can help so I can make a wise battery purchase.
Thank you!

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Cb360 question for you wise men.

I'm not a big fan of lithium ion batteries. I've killed a couple on old Hondas with their mediocre charging systems. I prefer a small gel cell battery. Look into options from Odyssey for a really high end version, or there are definitely some cheaper options out there as well if you want to go that route. If you do end up with LiPo, talk to Sonreir or Rick's Electric about a good, stable reg/rec for longevity of the unit.

Edit: just saw you upgraded the charging. Venture into lithium at your own risk on the old girl anyway!
The only good reason to run a lithium battery is size. If you have the room, run a standard AGM battery (what Kiley said).

If you want to tuck a battery away, then you can get a lithium battery and stash it somewhere. But you'll also want the fancy charger they need if you don't ride the bike very regularly / over the winter months.

I have had good luck with Shorai. Have their biggest one in my BMW (won it in a contest - would never spend $350 on a battery) and a smaller one in my XS650 cafe. I have the Shorai charger as well to keep them maintained.

Once a lithium battery goes down to 6v or so in charge, it is DEAD. I'd stick with AGM if you can.
Thanks Tim and kanticoy!
I'll see what the smallest gel I can get ahold of and maybe down the line upgrade to a lithium
Just want something small.

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Do anyone tell me if these are the real deal? Or point me to someone who has had much experience with mikuni?
Vm28 mikuni from speedmotoco.com

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