CB360 Rear Brake Spring


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I'm reassembling my rear brake on my 75 CB360 and can't figure out how the rear brake spring goes on. I have the parts fiche picture but that doesn't explain it very well. Could someone take a picture of their working rear brake?
For one it's backwards in that picture it needs to be rotated 180 degrees put on the other side of the pedal. The long HOOK part goes around the pedal right under the pin. The small hook goes on top where there is a pin or something that it hooks onto I forget which.

If you put it on the way the picture says, it will pull the pedal down and engage the brake. :eek:

Hope that helps, if not I'll crawl under mine later and take a pic or too.
That helps a ton. I was going by the picture and it was confusing me. I'll try this out later and report back, thanks!
I'm actually having issues with this right now...can anyone take a pic? My manual seems to only have the diagram for the 360t supplement.
I took this one a while back

That makes sense when I look at it, thanks.

I think my spring is broken off where it wraps around the brake pedal....
I've got a spare if you need it. Yours for the cost of shipping. PM me your address if you're interested.
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