cb400 project 'hmm...'

Haven't rejetted yet, so i've just been messing with the idle, but the idle was acting pretty funny with the pod filters on. So, I decided to decrease air flow by making filter inserts for my pod filters. using the older filter and screen. here are the pictures. I think the bike likes it more, with a sort of more even air flow and it's giving me a more steady idle than before IMO. I put the screen on after the filter because the filter was a bit messy, so the screen's for extra protection/reduce air flow.



I used tape around the edge of the screen to keep it all together and snug


finished product:
Yes. I only ran it a couple times without my modifcation, and it would rev up occasionaly at idle, and also drop a bit here n there. And when I would rev and let off, it would drop to around 1200rpm and then bounce up a bit before coming back to 1200rpm. After I added those filters, the idle is way more consistent. I have since added another metal screen and it has a steady idle still, possibly better. ;D
Its been a while since my last post... because I've been riding so much ;D

here's the updates:

made a dimecity order, and they came through with some beautiful stuff. including some shorty mufflers which sound great for the money.

I also ordered up some rearsets, threw em on the passenger peg mounts, which aren't the perfect location but they were close enough that it does the job.

Got a pretty cool license plate bracket / taillight/ brakelight from kapscomoto. that works well, looks great.

I made a seat, your usual vinyl and seat foam on top of an aluminum seat pan i whipped up, simple stuff.

I was running those modified K&N air filters but I found out how hard it was to tune these damn cv carbs.. so I went back to the stock airbox. I think it was worth it for those of you who were wondering. I rode the k&n's for a little while and I just wasn't quite feeling the power. But with the stock box back on It's there, and it's wonderful.

No speedometer, so I'm working on getting a small bicycle speedo/clock computer to hook up. I don't think it will be that accurate but it's an upgrade from my "just winging it" that i've been doing :p

and of course, some pictures to look at :D




I'll get some cooler pictures this week hopefully.
I know this post has been idle for a while, but I read through your post and couldn't find out what wheels those are. I think the CM/CB's with wire wheels had drum front brakes, are yours from a CB360? Did you use your rotor, or the one that came with the wheel? I've been considering that swap.
those wheels were off an early 80's CB400f sport or super sport or something. I'm pretty sure they were stock. The rotor came with the wheel, and is the same as mine. Axles also matched up quite well, only problem I had was the speedometer piece on the front axle was on the wrong side for some reason, the rotor side, and because of that, the wheel was off center. My reasoning was that I think the four cylinder 400 had wider front forks, allowing it to fit nicely, but since mine was the two cyl, it didn't play nice. I ended up taking the speedometer mechanism off the axle in order for it to fit.. also because I broke it, hahah :p There's electronic speedometers though that work without that mechanical piece.
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