CB400F Fully Faired street racer!!

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Hi all, Been absent for a while but wanted to start a thread for this build as I'm super excited about it. CB400F fully faired for the street. You just don't see enough vintage bikes on the street with fairings. I understand why; most bikes weren't faired for the street, actually none that I can think of until the 80's. ?? And those fairings are expensive. Plus most of us want to show off the beauty of the vintage motors and intake etc. I get it. CB400F is the perfect bike for this then. the motor is butt ugly and the rest of the lines, well, pedestrian. By adding a fairing it will make the one true design innovation on this bike pop. The first ever factory 4-1 exhaust. I found a fairing design that does not hide this but accentuates it.

I love this fairing design. It turns out that this pic is just a rendering and as far as I know this fairing has not actually been made. I'm going to make it or get it made. we'll see which.

First thing though is get the bike running and that starts with these shitty carbs.

Motor has good even compression so I'm going to clean the carbs and see what I've got before going any further. Unfortunately I am going to have to pull this rack all the way apart to get the job done. Im using a carb cleaner soak and then a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Here we go!

I'm a big fan of that bike also and was disappointed to learn it is a rendering. I am in the process of making that seat for mine. Cool idea how the fairing is molded above the pipes, I'd like to see how the other side is done, if it's symmetrical or not.
CB400F Fully Faired street racer!!

I'm on board also, it has a sweet mean look to it. It would be cool to see the other side too

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I've contacted the dude that did this rendering but have not heard back on whether or not he has a full drawing. I intend to make this one way or the other.
CB400F Fully Faired street racer!!

What if you stared with a universal race fairing about the right width and worked it to the same shape?

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I've looked at everything readily available out there and nothing seems close enough. I'm a bit of stickler on the lines. I have a couple of good buddies that work with composites. We're talking about how to make this happen.
Anybody familiar with these carbs? I have no reference at this point just wondering where the little 1/8" lines that come off each pair of carbs go to? The have hoses off of them on either side of the fuel supply line. and each set of carbs is connected with a hose. Is this a vent or overflow? I'm pretty sure its not vacuum. Its not a vacuum petcock.

okay, got that sorted. just vents.
Hi All, project got back burnered for a while as I moved. But I'm back at it and got the bike running this weekend. carb build went well and the bike sounds good. I have video I'll post later. need to round up a few missing bits to get her on the road. I need a 400f seat or pan if anyone has one kicking around let me know!!

Plan is to get her on the road all ratty then make improvements over time. look for more regular updates!
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