Cb450 modern Brat build

Also coated the wheel and hubs and installed new 520 chain and sprocket. I am also trying to eliminate the brake linkage so I can run straight cable for front disc

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Cone engineering quieter core muffler is on stock header pipes.


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AimlessMoto said:
This just got kicked up a notch! looks really good! You gonna paint the tank? (I wouldn't.)

I was gonna paint it but since then kind of fell in love with it and now I am gonna keep it stock since it's in pretty good condition.
Looks awesome, I would save the fork swap for a different build and dial in the stock forks. They look killer with the tank and what else you have going on. I've done a few fork swaps even in the process of doing one now... you're not going to gain much performance or any at all and you're going to loose a very cool look. The
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