Cb500t part out: 2 complete bikes *forks, brakes, engines, wheels, etc.*


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I bought these two bikes basically for 3 parts (drain plug, points cover, and rubber tank mount) crazily enough and figured I'd sell on the rest or get the titled bike running.

I will sell either bike whole or part them out. They appear rough but that is because they sat in a storage shed for years and collected dust. To be honest, everything but plastic/paint is in fair to good condition.

The titled bike is the one with the engine in it. The one with the engine out doesn't has a title.

The wheels, carbs, etc are all in great condition for sitting. Let me know what you want and I'll take a picture!




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I was only allowed 4 pictures so I didn't include pictures of all the parts, but yes I do have every part. The only thing is that the parts bike has the engine out.

4 carbs (2 sets), clutch baskets, airbox, etc. etc.

And to the gentleman above, replied.

Please pm me on the cylinder head. Is that including all cam and rockers?
Shipping to Vietnam.
Will you pull the upper triple tree plus the lower triple/steering stem? How much for the set?
Pm me prices on the tank and i also need the shift foot control (idk what its called but hopefully that makes sense)
I'll wait for the Kzoo (not Ypsi :) ) driveby - just wanted to make sure I'm still on your list!
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