CB550 parts + cbr rearsets


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stock airbox - SOLD

stock 4-2 exhaust - $150

cbr rearsets - SOLD

rear grab bar + blinkers - $25

rear fender + taillight - $35

all prices obo

Rory, how rusted are the exhausts? Are there any significant holes in them? Can you PM, email, or text me a few photos of them? Also, where are you sending from?
I don't see the airbox in the pic. What all's included? Plenum, hardware, rubber boots, etc.?
Could you send me some pics of the exhaust?

afslightom at gmail dot com

Are they in good shape? Any rust holes or pitting?

Thanks man!
Replied about the airbox. I would like some pics of what all is included.
do you still have the grab bar and turn signals? You didn't mention what year they are off of. If they are correct for a 1975 CB550 F I would be interested.

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