CB550 rearset brackets 74-76

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Guys I have had trouble responding to PM messages thru the forum. if you are interested use my email: Dudneybill@gmail.com
I still have 1 set of brackets left that are $60 plus shipping.

also i have 1 slightly irregular set that i will let go for $30 plus shipping. they are 100% useable just cut a little narrow.

let me know.

thanks, Bill


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Update- No more available right now. I have decided to keep the slightly irregular set for future testing. If anybody is interested in the future PM me i could make more.
Im making some more brackets right now. they should be finished by the end of the week. $65 plus $10 for shipping. PM me if you are interested.
New brackets are done. Changed the design slightly-see picture. Made from 6061-t6 aluminum. Stainless u-bolts are included. $65 + ship $10 (US addresses). PM if you are interested


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Those are pretty slick looking and a great deal at $65. Got any pics of them mounted (would be good for this thread)?
Tim, I don't have any pictures of the new design mounted yet, but here are a couple of the original that show how they mount up. Basically you just remove the stock foot-pegs and mount in their place. No frame mods needed.


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I honestly don't know off hand, but I'll try to research a little. Hopefully someone else can chime in in the mean time.
Is the frame set up on the 74-76 550 different from a 73 500? I'm wanting to do rear sets on my 500, but not sure how to proceed. I love the look of these brackets if they will work on my frame.
Will these work for the 400F? They seem like they would. Could you send me the measurements, so I can check? Thanks.
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