CB750k seat on a CB750F (sohc)?


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I have been searching around and from what i can tell, the K model seat should be a direct fit onto my F model even with the F model tank but have not heard of anyone actually doing it. Before I go ahead with this, has anyone had first hand experience doing this? Basically will the F tank and K seat combination work? The F seat currently on the bike looks great and works great for single rider but need a better seat for 2up.

side note- I have a F seat/tail cowling that I will be selling if the swap works.
The frame of the k model is identical to that of the f model. The seats and tanks are interchangeable.
That's not a stock F seat in that pic. They look like this:


Whilst a K seat might fit, the rear fender / tail light is different between the 2 bikes so it may not work very well.
Correct! It is a different foam/cover on a stock F seat pan.

I have a K model fender/tail light that will go on also.
unless the seat is off a K7/K8 which has the hinges on the opposite side to earlier K's and will therefore fit absolutely sod all else
I guess i was confused about the hinge sides. Bought a '75 K model seat, the hinges are on the wrong side...
Hey brotus,

I am not 100%, but i am pretty sure the F frame is a little bit longer than the K frame.

That aside, I do know for a fact that the F tank is longer than the K tank. I know from personal experience that if you put an F tank on a K bike with a K seat, there will be interference with the seat and it will need to be shortened. The tank rubbers all line up perfect though.

What I don't know is if the same applies to the F bike with a F tank and a K seat, but I have a sneaking suspicion there may be a gap between seat and tank.

Also, yes k0-k6 will have hinges on the wrong side. You will need a K7 or K8 seat. The K7 seat looks like the earlier ones. The K8 seat has a hump and is fuglier in my opinion.

Hope that helps
You're pretty much spot on. I read wrong and thought the hinges were the same on earlier models and changed on the later ones but its the other way around. The seat does interfere with the tank since the tank is longer.
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