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Its been a while since i posted anything here, so i thought i'd drop a line and post a few pics of where i'm at with my beast,

she started out as this wreck

the ones below is where she is now.


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so, i am waiting on the exhaust to be finished off, the elec's box to be sorted and then she comes home. A full strip down and re-build, i am going with the bare bones look, nothing extra that is NOT needed by RMS/RTA NSW specs. a simple speedo, small as indicators, basic headlamp and tail lights. Side mounted number plate and NO pillion pad.

That means NO wife to bug the crap out of me whilst riding. At this stage, i am looking at years end for completion. Fingers crossed that nothing pops up in the mean time.

if all goes to plan, i might see ya on the road near Christmas time.


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still got a bit to go, at least she runs..


Gold Coast, Queensland
Just a heads up. Those pods and open pipes are a recipe for disaster. On a CV style carb cheap pods cover some of the ports which affects your throttle causeing the slide not to lift as far as it should creating a Giant flat spot. That mixed with the mid range power draining open pipes and you will fell like you are riding a truck.

Chuck on a set of k&n filters if you have to have pods and use some kind of baffle in the pipe to break up the exhaust pulse so it does not reverb causing a vapour blockage in the pipe. Exhaust pulse reverb is good for two strokes if timed right but it is always bad for four strokes.

A washer with a bolt welded on in a "lollipop" shape will make an effective and hard to notice baffle. Just drill a hole in the pip and bolt the washer inside. You can adjust the angle to give a different noise as well.


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yeah cheers ol son, i have installed new K&N pods, oval shaped. they not only look good but i see a big difference. i have also changed jets to suit. The pipes have now got a 6 inch baffle inserted to just after the bend and before the turn outs.

will be re stripping the whole shebang over the next few months, i was a tad scared of splitting the cases, for some reason i thought they split left to right, not top from bottom. anyways, the idea was to put a kick start shaft into it and use a z650 case to suit, but i have since been told that wont work. oh well, back to electric start.

still gotta split em tho, the box is not shifting into second, tried all the usual things, and whilst in there, i will change the starter clutch bearings and anything else i can find. maybe even the big end bearings??? dont want to have to do this again.


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Just updated the original post.

Thanks for looking...


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Saturday just past, she got passed for the blue slip. yippeee.

14 months of blood sweat and tears, has paid off. Now to raise the finances to get her registered.

see ya on the black top...

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