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I've got a '70 CL450 I did a frame off restomod to and have decided to go further with the mods. I like the classy vintage look so my goal is to keep those lines but bringing it a little more modern and svelt. I want a very short front fender and would also like the same for the rear. I'm keeping the original fenders with the rest of my OEM parts since they are in excellent condition. Would like chrome/polished fenders.

Front: Is there another bike fender that fits that's already short? I modded my '70 with a '74 front end + triple to get the better factory shock internals and it's drum with an 18" wheel.
Rear: Doubtful there's a short rear fender that fits out there so I assume my option is to buy another one and cut it short just past the seat. Something even better would be to ditch the fender altogether and use a hugger or hidden inside fender to block crap from being thrown up into the engine.

Issue is right now I don't have access to (or experience with) welding or any other machining. My city has locked down with the virus and I have nothing like that at home so I'm looking for something as close to bolt on as possible or minimum mods.

I would love an upswept brat seat but can't bring myself to cut the frame so I'm trying to figure out how to get that look. I suppose cutting down my seat foam a bit would help and also if I can get that massive fender sorted...

Yes, I searched but wasn't able to find what I was looking for (unless I somehow missed it).




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Wow, really nice looking 450! Good job.

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Ebay is full of them. If you do a search for vintage retro chrome motorcycle fender, custom aluminum cafe racer fender, and Honda CG125 fender. You'll get several size options. In most cases, you'll have to use your stock fork brace to mount to the aftermarket fender. They are not drilled . The CG fender does come with a fork brace, but I don't know the mountspacing.

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