CL350K3 - Coils bad?


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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I had things other than my bike that needed attending to first so I haven't been able to work on it for a couple of months here, but the other day I cleared up my schedule, and ran into an issue.

I rebuilt the top end of the motor, replacing piston rings and gaskets, got everything back on the frame, and kicked the motor, she started right up. Then I took the motor out again, finished paint, got the motor back in, then wired the whole electrical system. The problem now is that I have no spark. I found one discontinuity in my system and fixed it. Still no spark. All signals, horn, headlight work fine, everything is grounding, but now I have no power on the negative side of my coils. I have power up through the harness to the positive side of the coils, but when I kick it slowly, I'm not getting any spike of voltage across the coil. I didn't drop them or anything, what could have happened over a couple of months that would make them go bad, or is there something else I'm missing? Should I look for a new set? Thanks in advance.
Coils usually go bad from overheating not sitting.
I'd check your points and make sure you're getting the signal to the coil to send the spark.
Turns out the lead up in the headlight bucket wasn't hired up to the positive lead, rookie mistake. She's running more, albeit I need to mess with a float.
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