cl450 brat project 95% finished need quick sale 600 bucks


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1970 cl450 brat titled. tins have been striped of all paint and polished and cleared the picture is old there is tank badges and the motor will be together and ill reinstall the head light 600 bucks bike is located in frostburg md 21532 if i finish this it will go straight to ebay so now is your last chance


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Re: cl450 brat project 95% finished need quick sale



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Ive sold bikes to guys in japan ill bet they would have loved to be as close as you are :)
Man of I didn't have to pay rent this week I would be all over this! If you could wait about a week for me to get some funds together I will take it...I'm not that far from you either!
Damn you brad. I can't find a parts bike around here for that price. I will trade you a pair of Akront high shoulder wheels for it. and the rest of the bike if you want it.
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