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Does anyone know a current paint color (for example "90 Chev cherry red") match to Honda Candy Ruby Red (R-C4), Candy Gold (may be R-81) or current automotive color matches any other Honda colors. I have a big collection, with a fair bit of painting experience and I'm ready for color on a bunch of my tanks and side covers for bikes I'm restoring.

I'm aware that often you need a certain metallic base with candy over and clear on top - it's just finding a current color that's important - the paint supplier will have on file what combinations of sub base and base are need.

The problems are firstly if you walk into a paint supplier and ask for Honda Candy Ruby Red (R-C4), they have no info on it. Secondly, though there are US companies who will sell you a quart of Candy Gold, they cannot ship across the borders, to someone like me in Canada for instance. And the scanner process is not an all knowing process, it's quite limited.

I have a fairly complete list of original Honda codes that I'm slowly adding the Honda model and year to which each code applies, and next I want to add current color equivalents. For example, the red used on 60s Honda trail bikes and even the 305 Dream is a close match to Tremclad's Fire Red. And, if you know paints, you'll know that to clear over Tremclad or Rustoleum (all the same company), you have to let their products "off gas" or cure long after they are hard to the touch. Let them off gas for a few weeks, even if it's hot sunny weather, give 'em time and then solvent based urethane clear will lay down without blush, pitting or wrinkling.


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No idea about paint (although Lexus pearl is very similar to CBX Canadian model pearl with the bluish tint) Impressive list of bikes though. 8)


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Prob not much use, but Ive found dupli color monza red is pretty close to honda's monza red used on their 90's frames


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Matching candy paints is difficult. Not only do you have to match the top color (red in this case), but to get a excellent match you also have to match the base color. A friend of mine does small bore restorations and he uses Duplicolor BGM0508 Ultra Silver Metallic for the base and BGM0509 Dark Cherry Metallic.


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I painted my bike with Milano red (code R81). It’s a very close match. R81 is a Honda color used in the 90’s.

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