Danmoto RPM Wire?


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Hello everyone, Owner of a 81 CM400E and trying to figure out how to get an rpm signal to this Danmoto Cockpit gauge I just wired up. It's the only wire I have left to rig and I haven't the slightest Idea of where it goes. I'm assuming one of the wires off of the coil?

Help would be very much appreciated, I'd love to know where I'm at when I'm riding. Attached is the wiring diagram for the Cockpit.


Below is the diagram for the gauge in pdf.

On either of the spark plug wires would work. Or on one of the "positive" leads for the coils.

I have an Acewell with a digital tach, and don't trust it's rpm readout though. It just flutters a little too much I suppose.......
Fwiw i mounted mine to the coil + wire where it is connected to the coil. That gave me the most consistent read. I suppose you could do a military splice anywhere on that wire.
Which instrument did you get? The 180 or the full circle? I too have a CM400 that needs some instrumentation, how do you like yours?
Do you have any pictures of it mounted? I've been thinking about going with this type of gauge but I'm worried it wont really fit the design of the bike.
How you wire this will be fairly important. Some wires are meant to act as a feed from an electronic ignition, some are meant to be wrapped around a plug wire and get their signal through induction, and some rely on switching from the coil (though this type is rare since the number of coils per cylinder usually needs to be factored into the unit somehow).

An induction type wire will usually work when plugged into an electronic ignition, but the reverse is not always true. In fact, you may fry something if you try it this way. The induction from the plug wires can exceed the allowable threshold for some digital electronic components.

In most aftermarket gauges, the induction style is used as it is the most compatible.
Don't necessarily have a question regarding the rpm wire rather what the black and brown wires should wire to. The black says voltage under view B should this be my power to the gauge? The Brown wire doesn't have anything listed for it so what is it for?
The Black is power, that is clear from the instructions.

There are 2 possibilities for the brown wire.

I didn't see a clock on this, but it is possible the black may be switched power and the brown constant. Or the other way around.

The other possibility is the brown wires is for the illumination circuit. 12V, but wires to the lights. If you have constant lights (my 76 CB360 is headlisght all the time, then it could go to switched power also.

Your best bet may be to send a note, or question the seller on this....
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