Did I buy junk?

doc_rot said:
I recently bought these used hard welded and reground cams for a kz750 sight unseen. When they showed up the bearing surfaces and cam lobes were covered in a waxy grease. After removing this I am dismayed to find there is substantial rust and pitting on the bearing surfaces and the base of the cam lobe. Are these trash?
Pretty much

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crazypj said:
Place up in north west, Seattle area. I forget name but e has advertised a few times
I think rocker repair was about $10~$15 and cam around $100~$120
Any decent weldor can hard face cam but getting it ground back is always an issue (hell, even I tried it on Honda S65 40+ yrs ago and used bench grinder to re-profile) Doing a twin with correct separation angles would be pretty much impossible by hand though
Delta Cam in Tacoma

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