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Hello All,

I've got a 1971 T100C and I'm trying to get it titled in PA. I purchased it in 2006 while I was deployed in Iraq. I had my dad help me pick it up. It was purchased without a title from a no-title state (RI). I have misplaced the bill of sale (2006-2014, 3 moves later)... I have attempted to contact the seller and have been successful. He said he'd get me a reproduced bill of sale... But now, he's not returning my calls. I suspect he realized that he "skipped owners" when he sold me the bike and that he may owe Rhode Island sales tax. I was not given a transferrable registration (all that RI uses). Honestly I don't even know if the bike was ever registered in RI....

Is the "Vermont" option my best move?

In PA there are a couple of mechanisms that I could use (apply for a title as an abandoned vehicle, court order, etc...). But these all see much more cumbersome than getting a real registration from another state. I'd like an elegant and simple solution.... ??? though I doubt that it'll be particularly easy.....
I am considering the VT option myself as I live in PA as well and they do make it very difficult to get a title. Here's a link it has a lot of positive feedback on the subject
Update: I've finally found a way to contact the previous owner. He's still rollin on ebay. He's got a couple nice bikes up right now in fact. He's agreed to sign whatever I send to him. So I'll be able to have a BOS to at least show ownership. The process as I understand from the RI DMV people is that I send them a Bill of Sale and they send me a transferrable registration. The trouble from here will be whether the guy I bought it from is the legal owner in RI. I know he's generally a bike guy who buys and resells. RI recognizes ownership by issuing registrations....

Thanks for the link misfit-- looks like a great resource.

Are there any opinions on what I should put in the BOS? I've got options, I bought the bike in 2006 when I was a MA resident, but am now a PA resident and the seller was then an RI resident and is now a NH resident.

Will I have a better chance with a recently dated BOS showing current addresses (PA, NH 2014)... or historical data (MA, RI 2006)?
I'm not sure about the address on the bill of sale, I never had one that I or the seller put them on. It's always pretty much been the standard I'm buying this bike as is and that the seller has no liability as far as condition after the exchange along with the date of sale, amount paid, and vin number.
Update part 2: after doing some VIN research in relevant states, I've found out that it wasn't actually registered in RI. This means that I'm going the so-called VT route. I figure this should work because it's less than 500cc (490, 30ci) and older than 15 years. This means it won't need VIN verification. I've sent in my VT sales tax and my registration fee and all attendant paperwork (VT DMV Bill of Sale, Odometer verification, application for registration). I'll update in this space when I get a yes or no from VT.

Other sources claim that PA WILL issue plates and title if I have VT reg.... I'll let you know.
I'm certain Pa will give you tags and Pa title when you transfer it since VT considers their registration the title of ownership.
misfitfiend said:
I'm certain Pa will give you tags and Pa title when you transfer it since VT considers their registration the title of ownership.

Then I'm half-way there.... Let's hope I got all the paperwork right and the so-called VT option works as advertised.
Update 3: I received my VT plate in the mail today. Unfortunately my tank is at the radiator shop getting cleaned up, welded, and sealed. Will update again when I get my title and PA reg. Very excited.

Edit: I received the plate, but it looks like they only gave me a copy of my application for registration with some additional stuff written in it. I am not sure if this is my temporary registration or what it might be. Perhaps they will send along a more official looking document in a week or two. If anyone has experience in this I'd love to hear about how the receiving the plate part worked. It seems that I need a more permanent looking registration. I don't think a cop would like a copy of my application with some red ink and whatnot on it....
Hard to tell from your post but it seems they may want more information? I'd give the VT DMV a call and ask what else needs to be completed for you to get the "original" registration. I need to do that same option it seems on my bike, Texas is a pain.
Crackers: Thanks for the reply. But I did speak with them and found out that they send plate and registration separately. I've received everything I'll get from VT (ie permanent registration). So I've done the insurance thing and am now waiting on a plate and title from PA. I elected not to take the plate on the spot from the lady at the tags place. I'm waiting for Harrisburg to send me everything all at once.

I'd be more excited if my tank wasn't at a radiator shop getting welded and sealed.
Update: We have a title!!! Title arrived in the mail today. It would have been faster but the processing time was slowed down due to VT plate and reg arriving while I was away for two weeks. I now have a completely legal and titled motorcycle. Just waiting on the plates and registration from PennDOT. Thanks for your help here. Without you guys and the AdvRider thread I wouldn't have been able to do this.
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