FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build

Wrap your frame in green painters tape.. cover every area you can get to in a few layers even. It is cheap and easy to remove after the fact.
When I put the engine into my GS I tried to come up with a way to minimize any critical moments fighting gravity not to scratch the frame. What I did was suspend the frame horizontally from the roof, anchored front, back and bottom. I then put the engine sideways on a mini bike lift and jacked it up into the frame. With the frame suspended it was easy to move it into place without any banging as I raised the engine. Secure the mounting bolts and then undid the bottom strap so the frame+engine was suspended vertically. Lift back under and presto. Sounds complicated but really quite easy and no critical moments with any type of force needed.

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Thousand words and and all that :)


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Because I had my engine already on the workbench, I left it there and carefully finagled the frame over it. Was pretty straightforward, and then lifted the frame and engine onto the floor. In case you can't find any anchor points on your ceiling. I know sure as eggs is eggs the only things anchoring themselves on my crumbling garage ceiling are spider webs and duct tape holding the plaster up.

Def didn't bubble wrap the frame but it wouldn't have been a bad idea. Take your valve cover off though - this will give you a few extra valuable inches of clearance when you're getting that frame on.

Once it's on the floor, get it up on a motorcycle lift. You can use a milk crate too apparently but I couldn't get my head around trusting its ability to hold the weight. Once it's secured, it'll make getting the forks, wheels, swingarm etc back on a load easier.
You guys should build choppers. You don't have to go through all that trouble getting the engine in the frame. ;)
irk miller said:
You guys should build choppers. You don't have to go through all that trouble getting the engine in the frame. ;)
My younger brother sincerely considers the only bike worth building/riding/thinking about in any way is a chopper. He knows as much about motorcycles as I do about the political situation in Outer Mongolia but I gotta admit, he's not entirely wrong. Maybe that should be next on the list. Captain America, meet Private Quebec.
A pair of doubled 2x4" boards screwed to a furniture dolly with the engine tied to all that with a ratchet strap was all I needed for the GoldWing. More bikes should have removable frame sections.
So today is the first opportunity I’ve had to get into the shed and progress is slow as I’m suffering man flu.

So I would say all of the parts are back in the shed, which is a good start.

Unfortunately Rex from T. rex racing said that he couldn’t weld the broken fins on the barrels, numbering 3 in total.

I’m tempted to make some sort of template and grind four of them back to a similar shape just to maintain the symmetry and to hopefully make it more subtle to my eye so I’m not constantly reminded of my dick head moment.

I decided to tackle the caliper as I was after some easy runs. I had purchased my VHT golden caliper paint and the can top seemed to be a very close match to the colour of the rims.

First I gave the Honda logo a quick polish, then a wipe down with wax and grease remover. It actually came up pretty good.

Before I committed a coat of paint. I thought I should paint up some galvanised plate I had lying around just to ensure the likeness of the cap was the same as the real life results...

It was not, the finish I was looking for. It was dull and the colour was not the same. Which defeats the purpose of spraying it in the first place. So I’ve decided rather than ruin the hydro-blasting job I will leave it as is.

I also polished up the metal chain guard I got from eBay came up pretty good not sure if I will use it but it’s looking pretty mean

The valves had all the seal changed and were lapped and the seals were really good, the heads were cleaned us with some mild head work.

The barrels weren’t acid dipped so now I’m thinking of holding off on reassembling the engine and getting the barrels hydro-blasted

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Rex W builds some great bikes. Those fins can be built up with weld. You cann't stick the broken bits back on but the stubs can be built up and ground back to stock shape. Look for a good welder in your area. Ask around. Brad's Bikes down in Moorabin (?) may be able to point you to someone who can do it.
we used to use a guy called aviation welding in burwood. not sure if he's still there or not.

maybe ask someone like the head stud development company.
Cheers for the recommendations.

At the moment I’ve been slowly putting the frame back together.

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I’m actually wondering if there would be a hydro blasting mob open between now and the time I fly out to blast the barrels.

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Phil Pilgrim used to have a hydroblast set up when he had his shop. He may still be in business in Ivanhoe.

Union Jack Motorcycles Pty. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1064, Ivanhoe
Victoria Australia 3079
(Appointment only)

Phone: +61 3 9499 6428
Fax: +61 3 9499 6428
teazer said:
Phil Pilgrim used to have a hydroblast set up when he had his shop. He may still be in business in Ivanhoe.

Union Jack Motorcycles Pty. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1064, Ivanhoe
Victoria Australia 3079
(Appointment only)

Phone: +61 3 9499 6428
Fax: +61 3 9499 6428

Email sent, hopefully he’s still operating and keen to take on a last minute job. Otherwise the engine reassembling may get put on hold.

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So yesterday I separated the forks and removed the lower triple and gave it a polish.

I had originally wanted to have the top and bottom triple black but after looking at it I believe having the top and bottom polished frames the headlight better.

The old man is due home from interstate in a few days so we can have a discussion about the top triple that he’s going to mill out. I’m excited to see how it comes out.

I contacted Phil about hydro- blasting and he returns to work Jan 2nd so I’ll hold out until then to piece the motor back together.

I may take this opportunity to refurb the rear brake caliper and polish up the engine side covers.

I was speaking to my old man about the paint and he reckons perhaps I didn’t shake the can enough. So I’ll go shake the hell out of it and see if the colour comes out any better.

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I shook the hell out of the gold caliper paint still no joy.

So I’ve decided to rebuild the caliper as is, new seals and pistons, then back on the bike.

I’ve taken two photos one with the original guard on and one without. I’m wondering if I should throw back to the original or leave it without

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dunno about the plastic bit, but what if you paint the not rubbed areas of the disc black. might not look so monsterous then.
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