FS: '81 CB750 engine


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This is an '81 CB750 engine out of a project bike that belongs to a co-worker. The bike was in pieces when he bought it and the reason it was disassembled was because the cam chain snapped. He disassembled the engine, got all the necessary parts to fix the problem and repaired it, but the engine suffers from low compression and barely ran. (We're talking a max of 100-120 psi). As you can see it was cleaned and everything was beadblasted before he reassembled it.

As it sits it will need to be at least re-ringed, maybe overbored and new pistons fit.

He's asking $250, local pickup in Holland, MI (49423). I would suspect he will move on the price, but that's what he told me initially. I'd be happy to pass info on to him, or you can contact him directly at brentvanderbie@gmail.com





Alternator, carbs, and starter included?

Also, any ideas as to where the compression issue may be?
How much does anyone want to bet the the cams are mis-timed, resulting in low compression?

Either that, or one or more valves were tweaked when the camchain let loose; they'll need to be replaced, and hope the seats weren't damaged.
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