Fuego: 1978 CB125S


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1978 CB125S

Not going to chop this up or do anything extreme, mostly planning to clean it up over time take care of it, fix what is broken, and some light mods inspired by the Café Racer.

Things done:

1. New Tires
2. New Battery
3. Tank has been coated, inside is quite clean!
4. Spark plug looks new
5. Engine exterior is dry, needs some cleaning here
6. No smoke or unusual sounds
7. turns on, runs, shifts
8. carbs rebuilt!


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Cleaning Progress

to be continued over the years...


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CB400F Handlebar

looks a bit wide for some reason, maybe the tank is too small on this little thing.


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Barend Weights and Mirrors

now is this too wide? :eek:


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Re: My Very 1st: 1978 CB125S

I love these bikes, perfect for around-town tomfoolery. Nice find and restoration. If you ever get bored of that 125cc you can bolt an XR200 motor in there will only a very little bit of work.
Re: My Very 1st: 1978 CB125S

These are lovely little bikes and not worth devaluing by butchering about.
In the UK they came with low bars as standard, with no more than 1" of rise which gave a more sporting body position.
The best improvements that can be made to these are:
Modern tyres, modern brake pads, front forks refreshed with modern oil and some rear shocks that actually damp. Otherwise leave well alone and let it go up in value :)
Sure you could narrow those bars quite a lot.
Re: My Very 1st: 1978 CB125S

Around-town tomfoolery is exactly the purpose of this bike. 8)

I've seen the CB125J on some EU sites that you are taking about they come with the cool low bars along with a tachometer. I've looked into swapping parts to add the tach but I'm afraid to mess something up. Here is what I've found: http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=71835.msg845760#msg845760. Also another bike with same series is the Honda Italia 125 very similar to the J but italy specific. These also have some cool Moto GP full fairing kits http://www.motocicliveloci.it/inglese/catalogue/juniorclassicparts_uk.htm I couldn't find the exact bar here in USA so went with the CB400F bars, love how those bikes look stock.


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