Future spanish owner Ace


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Im Adat from Barcelona (Spain).
I started this forum up a few days ago...

I want to buy one Ace, but i don't know where i can found in Spain.
Anyone spanish owner Ace, can tell me where bought it. thx
Welcome to the forum!

We have two 'Ace' riders from Spain on the forum:

(Luis) from Madrid and AZD (Antonio). Perhaps if you send them a personal message they might be able to help.

Good luck!

Sorry for the delay, I haven't checked on the forum for quite a while (job can be like that sometimes ;D). I'm going to try to get in touch via pm with adat see if he's still around here and checking. One way or the other I figure I might make a post on how I got my hands on my Ace here in Spain and who's the importer et al.
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