Get rid of charging system on cb360

Sonreir, your 3 phase stator is a PM brushless, which is more powerful than the stock cb360 stator, correct? If I used your stator and a capacitor, do you think it would work without a battery?

All of the permanent magnet systems are brushless. Brushes only apply for electromagnetic systems like you find on the Honda inline fours.

This unit can be run without a battery, yes.
The engine still needs the rotor for flywheel.

Not always. The Hondas have a heavy enough crank to where the rotor isn't necessary. You'll rev a lot faster without it. But then there's the charging concern...
Yes of course, to calculate energy, I need power, which is Vols x Amps. Simple voltmeter reads voltage. I would use a DC power meter.

Question about the low voltage - how low can the H twins go down to and still perform ok? Is 11v too low?

Just to to keep fanning these flames:
Because load is constantly changing you can't just do simple math and be accurate here.
Batteries are much more complicated than you are thinking. As voltage drops current increases, as RPM's increase so does amp draw to the coils,temperature of the battery plays a role in it's capacity. Battery chemistry plays a role here as well, a lead acid battery at 11V is dead.

To monitor real state of charge you need to monitor the power that has flowed into and out of the battery. This is normally done with a shunt on the ground side of the circuit. Monitoring voltage as a state of charge is only accurate if the battery has been sitting idle for several hours, meaning any measurement taken in use is not accurate.

Anyway, I have never seen a Honda twin that will run reliably at 11V. In my experience having had 5 or 6 of them and dealing with many more, once the battery drops below 11.5 or 12 they don't like it. Most honda twins don't charge until well into the RPM range, meaning that the draw on the battery from the running bike is pulling down the already dead battery which causes erratic operation.
Not sure what you get out of fanning the flames. Glad you are not spraying gas/petrol on this

I think I got all the answers I'm looking for and you all have been helpful, though some are irritated by this as to "why is this guy doing this? Why can't he get it? Grrr"

I'll share the details hopefully soon. As I said before, I'm trying to get the bike running.
I get nothing but it's always fun to talk through stuff whether it makes sense or not!

It's like asking if you can put the exhaust from a cb125 onto a cb750. Sure, but why? lol
If you have the exhaust from another bike, fits a completely different bike and it works, why not ?
The only reason to remove rotor is for racing but the 360 isn't actually eligible for AHRMA and I haven't seen anything on CCS for several years. CCS was accepting 360's in the 400 cc class but running with an RD350 or 400 would be a pointless exercise.
The crank is REALLY HEAVY so any reduction will help acceleration (I forget exact weights but it's not a whole lot lighter than XS650 crank)
So far, I haven't experienced any problems with the stock 40+ yr old systems. Honda designed it to load balance when riding, battery capacity is more than adequate for idling at lights but majority of owners don't ride far enough to re-charge battery completely after using electric starter, particularly when set up is marginal
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