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I've seen a few topics where people have moved bikes from the US to Canada, but has anyone had any experiences bringing a bike from Canada to the US? I'd likely want to transport it myself rather than deal with some sort of importer if I can. As I've mentioned in a different thread, there's a Norton in Windsor, ON that one of my customers would like to trade me for some work, so we'd work up a bill of sale for cash amount, but no cash would actually change hands. Both he and I could cross the border together with the bike.

Because it's more than 25 years old it is not subject to EPA or DOT restrictions, although there are both EPA and DOT forms it looks like I'll have to fill out.

If you've done it, I'd love to hear how the experience at the border actually went. :) I've had people transport cars or car parts (frames mostly) across from Canada to our shop in Michigan for repair, and then had them go back across again. I've just never dealt with something that would stay permanently.


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you need to inform canada customs that the bike is leaving call them they will tell you the form number

then you need to inform us customs that you are coming with it so they are ready to inspect it and there is a fee plus something for the tag paper

i have used livingston brokers to do the paper work for me and make it all simple

there fee for it was only 150 plus the gov fees you have to pay anyways

plus in the 150 they had to clear someone else to bring the bike across as i was not there


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Not sure what the differences between importing a car vs. bike. But in the near future I'd like to get a Landcrusier BJ60 from the Great White North. Here are two websites that help outline the process that I've found. I hope they can help you too.


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Thanks - I'm actually waiting for my passport and for some better driving weather (stupid Michigan) and then I think I'm going to be going through this first-hand. I did check with a couple of brokerage places and they won't actually transport a motorcycle (they will transport cars). I figured that since they won't haul it I'd rather deal with the paperwork myself and save some money.

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I can't tell you about bringing a bike over the border, but I have bought a Canadian bike that did come over the border and hadn't been registered -- this was in Seattle. I had to get it inspected down at the Port, and paid something like $25 for the inspection. Then it was off to the DMV for registration, title, and plates, and that's about it. This was 1997 or so, so maybe things change.

Don't know why you couldn't bring the bike across the border and simply say you were going to do work on it. Or if it's running just ride it across and pretend it's a day trip.


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Trust me, I've thought about driving it across and pretending but I really want to do this the correct way. Part of it has to do with the fact that I'm getting it from a customer and I want him to be able to trust in the whole process and part of me just hates being a cheat. I wish some of the laws and procedures weren't so draconian but it's still not as bad as trying to get a new car over.

It is also an opportunity to learn and when I'm done I can share my experience with others.


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Never done it myself, but have you looked into sorting out the title in your state once you do bring it in?

I have travelled across the Can-US border many times both riding and hauling motorcycles, and have never been asked about the bikes. Not for ownership, not what I plan on doing with them in the US etc. Obviously nothing preventing a bike I bring across from being left behind. I could easily bring one across and sell it at a swap meet for example.

That might be a consideration - look into what is involved in bringing used bike parts into the US to sell used at a swap meet or the like. Effectively this is what is happening - he's selling you the bike - nothing saying it can't happen entirely in the US. You bring the bike across and he sells it to you there.

I'd be less concerned about all of that, and more interested in what comes next - what do you do with a non-titled Norton in your state? Will they issue you a fresh title?


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The title is a non-issue. The bike has a valid Ontario title and with the purchase paperwork plus the border stuff Michigan will easily issue a title. It's actually 100% straightforward. If it wasn't titled but I had a bill of sale I would have to get a surety bond put in place for 3 years for 2x the value of the bike before they would issue a title (I went through this with my CB350 which hadn't had a valid title since the early 80s).


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I just did this 3 weeks ago. Got a bike from my cousin who lives near Montreal. Brought it over the border no problem. All I had was the registration I believe, which was from the 80s. The only thing that the border patrol officer had me do was a deceleration form saying it was declared so when I head to the DMV I'm kohser.

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