Good way to clean the outside of carbs?


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Is there a somewhat simple way of cleaning a set of carbs without dissasembling them and cleaning them individually? I dont me cleaning the jets and all that, I'm talking the outside so I can maybe paint them or at least get them looking nice. Any suggestions?
To do it right they need to come apart...soda blasting may do what you want though...or spraying them with carb cleaner and hitting them with a tooth brush or something along those lines...
I did some Purple Power cleaner to get all the gross grit off of it. Toothbrush or soft bristle brush. It's popular to actually polish the tops and bottoms, also. You have to dismantle for that part, though.

I'm sure some good old carb cleaner, and grease cutter of some sort will pass the 10 foot rule, though.
Thanks guys, that soda blaster idea is pretty sweet, i'll have to give that a try when I get a bigger compressor someday. For now Im just gonna have to keep sprayin and scrubbin, they're in pretty good shape as it is, just want to get all the gas and grease off. I scrubbed em pretty good last weekend and they turned out alright, so I figure 1 or 2 more shots at it and they'll easily pass the 3 foot test. Thanks again!!
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