Grounding issues cb350 controls on renthal alloy bars...


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Hi All,

Wondering if I can get some advice!

I've done a bit of a details search, and ended up creating ground wires for the switches and linking it back to the main ground circuit of the bike.

The issue is I'm now blowing fuses due to what I think the starter button not liking it.
I read in a thread for a cb360 that if you link the starter button back to the main ground you will also blow them straight away. (Which I cannot find anywhere now!~)

I think the only solution might be to add a secondary ground wire to near the coils, but I'd appreciate any ideas!

I could take some of the anodising off the bars and the triple tree clamps, but I'm not sure what the go is with conductivity.

There's no reason that grounding the starter button will cause a short circuit unless your setup is that the starter button sends power to the solenoid. Most 360s should ground the solenoid through the starter button in order to make it operate.

Looking at your solenoid, what color wires (on the harness, not the solenoid) are plugged into it?
Ive just fitted renthal bars to my 360 and had this issue.

I simply added earth wires from the switch clamp bolts back to earth.

If you're blowing fuses then i suspect something is not wired up correctly, as the starter button just earths the solenoid that has ignition switched 12v. (Like Matt says!)
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