Harrisburg Area?


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I just moved into Mechanicsburg and will be here for the next few years at least. Anyone in the area? I saw some York folks.
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i live about 1.5 hours north of you. (williamsport area) cafe racers are a rare breed around here.

I grew up in Hughesville! Small world :)
i'm new to this board, and was wondering the same thing. Are there any cafes in m-burg? if there are, i'm not seeing them. mine was taken out by a camry last fall and the rebuild is almost done, so i hope to see other cafes when i get back out there.
Should have been at Gifford Pinchot State Park today. There were two of us parked there for the swim portion of our "Swim and Ride".
i'm in new cumberland and had a bike on the road. then i got board with it so i decided to tear it apart a month ago.
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