Helmets - how do you keep them protected?


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I don't know whether it is common worldwide but I know over here most people tend to leave their helmet with their bike when parked up out in public. This got me thinking, what does everyone do to secure and protect your helmet? Do you have a cover for it on a wet day? Do you lock it to the bike or just leave it?
I always kept mine on the helmet hook locked to the bike. If I knew it was gonna rain I'de grab a grocery bag on the way out.
i carry mine with me as well
why leave a 500 doller helmet out in the elements as bait fer thieves ?
the other thing i see fools doing is putting their helmet on the ground :eek:
that is a good way to get crawlers in yer hair :-\ also there is plenty of piss and dogshit was on that ground why not just turn yer helmet upside down and walk on it ?
When I wear it, I take it with me. Those locks are a joke, stupid easy to cut a helmet strap and walk away with my $700 lid.
Obviously with a full face you can lock a chain through it. With an open face if you have a double ring closure you can put a small chain through it but like others have said - it's easily cut. I guess it depends where you're parking - if it's in a parking-lot or in a city street I always try and park right in front of one of the CCTV cameras - never park in a dark corner or hashed area even if they allow you too cos these area's generally aren't covered by the cameras.

Personally I always take mine with me no matter what, I have a helmet bag too that makes it much easier as then you're not having to always hold it while you shop or do whatever it is you're doing with both hands! I can put my gloves and goggles in there too without fear they'll fall out.

If you HAVE to leave a helmet locked to a bike you should always cover it was a crappy plastic grocery bag, I keep one under my seat and it's come in handy for many different things - at least that way it's not immediately obvious that it's a decent expensive item. You have to think like a thief - there are several risks in trying to steal a helmet off a bike - the rider could come back any minute, if you need to cut the chain then you need tools to do it and that is then considered premeditation and thus will result in much more sever punishment - possibly even auto-theft if the chain holding the helmet on was also stopping the bike from moving. In order to take these risks the thief has to have some reason to do so - the payoff has to seem worth it but if they don't know what kind of helmet it is and what condition it's in this makes yours a worse option than the one a few blocks down that is clearly on display.

Also, as soon as you get off the bike and take off your helmet, take 30 seconds to look around you. Look at everyone, who is watching you? After you leave make sure you're not being followed. This applies more to actual bike thieves more than helmet thieves but in big cities it's not uncommon for one person to follow you to the coffee shop and watch you while their friends load your bike into a van.

The van method is by far the most common nowadays because once it's in the van it's gone and most bikes aren't stolen to be resold they are stolen and stripped for parts cos it's much easier to steal a bike if you don't care about needing to ride it and it's much harder to find it when it's in 100 parts, however, keep in mind too that if you leave a helmet attached to your bike you're also opening it up as an opportunity theft too. In places where helmets are a legal requirement, no solo thief is going to hotwire your bike and ride off on it without a helmet but if there's one right there on the bike then you just made it easy for them.
Would a theif really cut the strap off a helmet to steal it?

They'd end up with a piece of junk.
Thieves don't care if a helmet is damaged. It could just be a trophy hanging in their garage.

XB: I've looked into the differences of leaving a lid on the ground compared to hanging on a bike. I saw your side of the discussion (especially Australians who have 90% of the deadliest creatures willing to hide in a moist helmet on the ground....). But some of the reasons to not hang a helmet are the foam can be damaged (smashed in from a mirror or something), wind blowing the helmet off and scratching the visor, bird poop landing in a lid that's upside down, etc.

Personally, I take mine with me or run a chain through the visor opening.
you can't damage the impact foam hanging it on a mirror those people that think that are stupid fuckers
but i have had them fall off from the mirror as well if not carefully placed
but i think if you are just stretching your legs it is one of the better places to put it, airs out nicely
and it is pretty easy for a thief to change out a strap from a cheap/free pile yard sale helmet to the stolen one
Depends on where I'm parking and how long I'll be. If I go in somewhere where I can see the bike, I'll put it on the ground. I'd never hang it on the mirror, chance of it falling is too great. If I go into a building or go to work I take it with me.
misfitfiend said:
I question that logic too. What are you going to do with a helmet with no straps?

1) Wear it while you steal the bike
2) Wear it while you steal the bike down the road that doesn't have a lock on it.
3) Repair the strap
4) Sell it for 1/2 of what it's worth but that's more than the thief paid for it - it's cheap cos the strap is broken...
5) Exchange it with your local drug dealer for erm..drugs.
6) Use it as a plant pot
7) Use it as a noodle bowl

6 and 7 are usually the result of drugs - see 5.
xb33bsa said:
and it is pretty easy for a thief to change out a strap from a cheap/free pile yard sale helmet to the stolen one

I disagree - helmet straps are riveted onto the shell. You'd most likely FUBAR the shell trying to change straps.
I have seen bckpacks that have fold out bags for your helmet at cycle gear. They are about $60. Seems like an easy way to take it with you
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