HELP!! Identifying these triumph forks..


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Just picked up a rolling frame project, 1970 Triumph Daytona T100 R . The forks/front end on the bike are off another bigger triumph. Trying to get an exact model, year etc that they are from so I can get fork seals, springs possibly, know the oil fill amount on forks, tapered headset bearings etc etc. also bearings, seals, brake shoes etc for the front hub. some pics below, thank for the help in advance triumph wizards.!
**they have 35MM fork tubes******


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that would be the last lashup before they went disc
same parts used on all big twins the triple, bsa's as well
figured it was mid 70's bigger twin or triple. but looking on ebay, etc. forks from those bikes of those years vary alot. The top part of the triple on the set I have , have the lower part of the handle bar mounts as part of the plate, not a separate piece the inserts into a hole (like a CB350 would)... I have yet find any pics of any triumph forks like this fro that era...
but the legs are all the same 'cept for the hurricane what had slightly longer stanchion tubes
are the steering bearings shot ?
so they all have same 35mm tubes? and same front hubs? unsure of the bearings yet. would any triple tree from 650 or 750 fit the same? cant find the upper part for the handlebar clamps so may need to get new one with more common mounting.
these forks wouldnt increase the rake VS. stock forks for the t100 would they ?
as far as the handlebar clamp uppers halfs even some jap ones may fit what is the precise center spread on the holes i have dozens
the rake is set by the steering head angle and fork length,unless those triples are raked which is unlikely they look llike they have less offset than t100 triples which will increase trail and heavy-up, slowdown steering
i wouldnt get carried away with buying stuff you dont need, likely the head bearings are fine if they don't feel notchy
contrary to popular belief tapered bearings are not neccesarily better than balls on a steering head..
if it were mine i would reseal the forks and then ride it if the steering feels too slow and heavy then you can get triples with more offset
thanks for the info.. not buying anything yet... mentioned tapered headset bearings just while listing things I may need further info on the fork model etc for. so these triple trees possibly have an offset causing a "triple tree rake" ?
not likely at all
if so you could see it, the stanchions when eyeballed, between the clamps to the neck
k, guess i was confused by your comment
"they look llike they have less offset than t100 triples which will increase trail and heavy-up, slowdown steering"

Not sure what you mean by that then....
sorry, maybe a mis communication . I do understand rake and trail. just the term of offset got me confused, was thinking more of "fork offset" implemented by either an offset in the triple tree adding a "triple tree rake" or an offset implemented by adding a curve to the forks, offseting the fork blade. I understand you mean the simply the distance between the headstock axis and the center line of the front fork tubes, basically these triples space the tubes out further ..
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