Hey from Ontario, Canada!


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Hey guys,

So I just picked this bike up this past weekend. My first bike ever! It's a 1978 CB400T Hawk ll. The guy I bought it from started to build it and didn't have time to finish it, not bad for $650. The pics below are of the bike the way I picked it up. Not exactly sure of exactly what I would like to do with it yet but this is a great start. Looking forward to showing my progress over the winter.


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where about in Ontario are you?

Those little hawks are pretty cool. Personally I'd ditch the square bump stop, doesn't flow with the tank.

One word of advice, if you don't have it safetied yet. Put it back together as much as stock, getting it running and have it saftied. Once it's in your name and plated do what you want. It's been my experience that some mechanics just run through a checklist, don't really know the older bikes and tend to scrutinize more. Lesson learned.

Other than that. looks like a great platform to start.
I'm located in Burlington, ONT.

The first thing I am changing is that seat pan/bump stop. I was thinking the same thing about it not flowing.

Thanks for the advice about getting it sort of stock and running to safety it. Never really thought about it like that but makes sense. Looking forward to this project.
There a few Ontarians here, I happen to work in Burlington, Appleby and Fairview @ RockTenn... Lemme know if you ever need a hand... Cheers..
Welcome - make sure you get over to Toronto on a Thursday night next spring and get over to the Tim Hortons at Lakeshore/Leslie and to the Black Dice Cafe at 1574 Dundas St West, and to Town Moto on Ossington. Typical hangouts for us (along with a few others you'll find mentioned in the Toronto sub-section).

DO THE TON was born in Toronto 6 years ago :)
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