Honda 650 single


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be careful how you prime the oil system when you start the motor
they can air lock and it has no oil pressure light as it really does not have oil pressure per se
strats out at maybe 15 psi then dwindles as the motor gets warm
it uses high volume flow to lubricate everything as it has all roller bearings
we cooked a piston in one motor with a air locked oil system
so prime it and loosen the oil supply line at the head to make sure full oil flow


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Thanks but this is my 9th one of these....though I know exactly what you mean....I spin them on the starter motor whilst pumping oil down the feed line til I get both oil return at the tank and supply at the head union....
I grew up on BSA singles and it used to be pretty much SOP to take the oil tank cap off as soon as it was going to check oil was built this the same way.
The oil tank is twice the capacity of the stock bike and the return line is visible when you take the cap off....I did try experimenting with a restrictor (actually an Amal main jet) in the return line to see if it improved flow to the head.....but as far as I could tell didn't make the slightest difference!


I don't know about over achieving Brad....there used to be an expression 'can't leave well enough alone' that I'll admit too though!
Anyhow, heres it done....

And the start up over achieving as far as filming goes.....



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Wow, these things are bloody beautiful! Love the frame jig and frame design. Great craftsmanship :D

Would this frame design work with other big singles? I am thinking the Yamaha (I am biased) TT600R or even the Suzuki Big engines - DR750 and DR800s?


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Yes, it wouldn't be that much work to fit the Yamaha motor.....theres certainly enough room as I originally intended the frame to take either the RFVC or the Transalp V twin.....not so sure about the DR's
The problem (in the UK at least) is that they're getting a bit scarce....when I built the first couple of bikes you could easily find an SLR/FX650 for £500 its more like £2k!
So now I'm working on a frame kit for the CB/CBF500 twins......
003 (2).JPG

And these custom ANF 125's.......

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