honda front brake master... tough to rebuild?


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Hi, I picked up an old Honda brake master that I was considering using, but it would need a rebuild... Has anyone done one of these and was it hard? and did it perform properly after? I've been looking for a compact modern master with a 14mm bore without much luck so I thought I'd try rebuilding an old one if it was doable... this is the type of master...


Assuming you can still get re-build kits, they are not hard to do. You'll need to get a circlip out from inside the where the piston is, and assuming the bore is OK.....

But 14mm MC's are pretty common on most sportsbikes nowadays (R6, R1, etc). If you're after a complete unit (IE not remote reservior), then look for a Suzuki Bandit one.
the only problem with rebuilding them is getting the correct kit as honda made a bunch of changes to the internals on different models. Even if it looks the same on the outside.

At least in my experience.
It's easy if the piston isn't stuck. Rebuild kits are easy to get and they work great afterwords if you're thorough.
yea you will need a nice pick also becuase mine circlip removers didnt work they werent deep
i couldn't find a set of circ clip pliers that were long and skinny enough to get to the clip unless it was online but the prices were pretty steep. I went with a Ninja front brake setup instead
I literally just finished rebuilding mine on my 75 cb360. NOT something I want to do again. I had to modify a normal pair of snap ring pliers so it would fit down in there. That snap ring was also rusted in, so I had to soak it for a few days in penetrating oil. Besides that stupid snap ring it's just disassembly/reassembly. If you're dead set on rebuilding save the hassle and buy the motion pro pliers that are designed for this.

My advice is to buy a new/newer master. By the time you spend $25 on the rebuild kit and $25 on the pliers you could have a brand new master. This guy sells new ones for $50, though I don't have personal experience with them. He sells both 14mm and 12.7mm bore masters. If I could do it over again I'd get one:
alrighty... ordered a new master from that ebay outfit... 12.7 mm bore... so not the 14mm that the stock one is, but for some reason all the 14 mm ones were all twice the price and either chrome or black. hopefully it'll move enough fluid to work! also for anyone who's interested i'll keep you posted on the quality and operation of this guy's stuff when it gets here!

thanks to everyone who's taken the time to help me out with advice!
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