Honda Shadow 750

I agree with Teazer on this one, it is hard to see what your swingarm angle is from your posted pics, but it appears to be pretty flat. I would think a 10 - 12 degree angle would be better and would steepen up the rake a little. The front end is raked out quite a bit and won't be able to be adjusted much by dropping the fork tubes through the triples. Short of cutting the steering head off and rewelding at a better angle, you have what you have. That being said, a raked out bike is stable at speed and just a little heavier handleing that could be helped some by a slightly narrower front tire with a more triangular profile. Once you get to know how it handles with some more time on the bike, you may come to like it. The old bevel head Ducatis were always described as very train like in their handling.
Measure the rake and trailand swingarm droop. Looks can be deceptive but that front end looks too raked out to steer quickly. And measure swingarm droop while you are there and someone will point you in the right direction.

Just out of interest, how much lower is the steering head than a stock bike?

whoops four months late, this forum doesn't hardly ever let me know when I get a response :/

Steering head is actually about half an inch higher than stock. It's sitting at 30 degrees and five inches. No it does not steer's quicker to turn in stock but it's not a nimble bike by any means.

Was finally able to get a picture on the road...hard to pull off when you don't have a lot of riding buddies lol...had to mount my camera on a pole bolted to the frame, then edit the pole out :D

Still haven't made up my mind on paint...kinda like the rust...might end up going with some kind of patinaed and distressed look. Still need to find new rotors for the front and rebuild the forks and a few other maintenance items I thought I'd do over the winter. Too many other things going on, though.

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