I dotn make my wife sleep outside


why should my bike?


Got tired of putting off working on my bike in the back porch cus its too damn cold out there. My wife asked why we didnt just put it in the living room... "thats why I married you dear" was my response.

Wiring is damn nice in your pajamas.

This summer I'll build a shed with a woodstove for heat.
So what you're trying to tell us is that you're wiring your bike naked ???.
Thanks for that
I couldn't agree more...

As soon as the workshop is done they'll get moved to bigger accomodations :D
Well at least the guy with the Yamaha 650 is smart enough not to have the fuel tank on his bike. A guy in my county had his motorcycle in his house and when gas leaked it burned his house to the ground.
And then there's the rest of us who aren't dumb enough to bring a leaky bike indoors ;)
oh yeah, my leaky fuel tank is outside in the shed. Im thinking Im gonna order a brand spanking new one so I can A: have a non worn out leaky tank, and B: get a nice paint job on it and have it indoors so i can kinda mock everything else up with it, make sure things flow.
its hard to bring mine up three flights of stairs =( atleast i have a small garage to wrench in, however I cant wait to find a house next year
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