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So went for a ride on my week old bike found my front right indicator when turning blinking like crazy, checked the rear and it's not doing anything at all, no blink. I figured maybe it's a dud bulb but I can't figure out how to even take the lense cap off the indicator. I watched a youtube clip of some dude inserting a flat head in the slot and twisting till it popped out, but mine ain't budging.. So what's the trick here? Oh and could it be a fuse? I don't know where they are located either.

If anyone has any other suggestions on whats going on here, is be glad to hear.
Below is the pic of the indicators without the cover.

I had a similar issue. Mine did not blink at all. I replace the flasher relay.
I think the rear one will be blown. When one is not working I have seen the other go faster.

Some of us don't have the bullet indicator shape. For us with the boxier shape, they seem to be designed to screw off, but I found that I had to lever mine off in about three places around the diameter (not specific spots), with a thin screwdriver then pull and twist a bit. When it came to putting it back on, I just pushed and it snapped on.
Cheers guys
Replaced the burnt out bulb and they both work... But they are still flashing at 3x the normal speed (right only, lefties are fine).
Is the flasher relay a single unit for right and left?
It may sound weird but check your earth connectors - particularly the one on the left hand side of the motor.

It worked for me!

Yep... Classic symptom of a poor ground on that side. Ohm's law with the higher resistance to ground and voltage stays the same equals higher amps that heats the flasher unit faster.
yeah so tonight's ride its played between fast flicker and normal.. where exactly am I looking for the earthing?
I think i checked the right wire left side of the engine, it looked clean and a solid connection ha ha. So where else am i looking?

oh and does anyone have any suggestions on the angle I am supposed to have my headlight?
I'm pretty sure i was blinding cars. I moved it down so that the beam was lower, but it was only a guess.
Acebrybry said:
where exactly am I looking for the earthing? …

The earth connection I meant is to one of the the left side case screws just in front of the the drive sprocket. Undo the screw and clean all surfaces with a solvent such as alcohol (the non-drinkable variety!) or acetone, then re-assemble.

If that doesn't work, try the other earths as indicated on the wiring diagram.

Good luck!

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