indy cb360 cafe








exhaust is a 600rr header that i cut the bends out of and re-welded to make the pipe. the seat/tail are a bit of a work in progress as well still trying to decide how to mate the two together properly. and the white zip ties are only there cause im trying to figure out where to route my wires...
Looks good man! I like the progress. Hope to see you out and about when it warms up. I live down on the southside of Indy.
thanks guys! although still very much a work in progress! i am having a little trouble figuring out how to mate the 600rr tail to the seat w/o using fiberglass as i cant stand working with it. also need to get my brake caliper piston out which im sure will be much less fun than wrapping the exhaust like i did today...
got the piston outta the front brake caliper and much to my surprise its all nice and clean and ready to go after i get new pads! wow i hate waiting on ordered parts!!!
This is such a great build, love the lack of chrome or superfluous add-ons. Does that seat get hot with the exhaust there?
I absolutely love the paint on this bike, reminds me of the road worn telecasters that Fender builds. Just letting you know in advance that i may have to steal this idea!
not sure if you were contacted but i put this up for bike of the month so if you guys like go vote for it... some better compatition than usual but i still favor this one.
nice... with the headlight like that it looks almost like its sad from the crappy weather. still dig this bike but with the competition this month i'll wait before nominating it again ;)
your right i didnt notice the headlight was tilted down so much until last night while uploading the pics! but hey thanks for the nomination this month it was cool to be apart of the running!
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