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So, I picked up a little bit of a gem back in August and while I had full intention of keeping my little 125 almost as original as possible I've had a bit of a change of heart. I wanted my first cafe project to be something a bit larger but after a few weeks of searching high and low for even the most minor of stock parts, my mind was made up. It's going cafe. I've decided to remove every part that is nonessential for making it go and stop while still being street legal in the great state of North Carolina. I also, so much wanted to keep it the original nasty turquoise green to stay a bit nostalgic but have since decided it needs a bit of a makeover. The bike had been sitting for the better part of the last 20 years but when I went to look at it, I kicked it twice and to my surprise the motor spun freely and with good compression. I immediately agreed to pay the current owner a grand total of $75 and loaded in my buddy's truck to take it back to the shop. When I got it there, I took the carburetor off cleaned it up, adjusted the points, replaced the plug and battery, kicked it twice and it sputtered in to a slow but strong running little piece. So without further ado, the Green Streak.
Hey, nice find. I have just started building a Honda 75/78 CB125 cafe my self and I'm only in the beginning stages. Maybe we can help each other out and share some tips and ideas.

Here is the link to my cb125 thread. Hope to talk to you, and I can't wait to see what you come up with on your project!
The tank featured in the photos is not the stock tank. It was not just rusted but rotted out on the entire bottom right side with no hope of being repaired. I picked that particular tank for 10 bones from someone who was parting a scrambler of the same time frame. It was a bit rusty but cleaned out nicely and after I coated it, it holds fuel and no more rust. I have also since removed the front brake assembly since it is not a requirement to pass the state inspection not that it would matter anyway since after January it won't need to be inspected anymore. It's a bit more pleasing to the eye and it also lost about 10 pounds. The chrome bits I think I'm going to hang on to since I think it needs something a bit shiny. Removed the toolbox and airbox and once the one up I've been putting together in my kitchen is finished I'll be relocating the battery under the hump and throwing a pod on it. Also removed the chain guard and am looking for a replacement for the fork gaiters. The tires are a bit of an odd size and very difficult to come by so while I'm waiting on them I've decided to take all the painted parts down to bare metal with the sandblaster that I ordered from our tool supplier at the shop and shazaam. I managed to get all the rust off the chrome bits with some elbow grease and Brillo pads. It's the cheapest best chrome polish on the market.
Oh yeah before I forget I've started work on tail for the bike as well not finished yet but if it stays nice I'll be glassing it tomorrow.
This is going to be fun to watch...

Good source for fork gaitors here:

Hope that helps you find what you're looking for; I doubt you could ever beat that price...
Prepping the glass right now. I'm going to use a layer of cloth which is the thicker not so pretty stuff then put a layer of mat on top of it. I think I'm gonna try to lay strips of about 5 inches in width and overlap it just to make it easier for me to work with. Hopefully it doesn't comprimise the structural integrity of the tail. I also picked up some 1/16 inch lexan at home depot today that I'm gonna try to do something cool with. Probably to make it look like the battery is hanging in nothing but thin air. Haven't deciced for sure but it's either that or hide it under the hump. It's a wet cell so my options are kinda limited right now as far as mounting options. Anyone have a good resource for a cheap dry cell?
Got the first layer on. Gonna let it cure a bit then rough it and put on the mat. I have a feeling it's gonna take a lot of filler and sanding but all in all not bad for my first attempt.
Need some help folks... 2 things, need to find a dry cell battery but there's a catch it has to be a 6 volt and I need to figure out how to run a 12 volt LED on my 6 volt system. I've found some transformers to work flasher relays but nothing for the tail lights. Any ideas?
why not cut out the 12v resister on the LED and slap in a 6v... you should be able to get that at radio shack
I'd have to find a Radio Shak first. I live in the butthole of the south and haven't even seen a commercial for one or its equivalent. Thanks for the idea though. I'll have to see what I can find.
Haven't had much time to work on the bike lately with work and moving and starting a new job and all but as soon as I get that first check from the new job look out. New pictures to come soon.
Well it's been a while. Been busy and broke especially with the holidays coming. On a bright note I actually rode for the first time in years. Drove the bike from the shop I used to work at all 6 miles to my new apartment with no tags, no brake lights and crazy Durham cops. Had to take it a bit easy because after 3 months of back order I still have a dry rotted rear tire and I think the rear wheel needs to be straightened out just from the way it seemed to shake side to side. So I guess it's time to turn a couple wrenches again and get out the tape measure.
i got's one of thems 82's cb 125 with lectronic ignition. small volts I think 6,,but its gots no pionts,why nots scrape the lead lights for the nornmal un's,,cause they is cheapers and still make plenty of lights ..but mot mite to be too cold looking..those is my ideas,,Todd
Well fellas, cancelled my old tire order, after waiting 3 months and getting a phone call telling me that the manufacturer stopped making that size I found an IRC for 36 bucks. Should be here before the end of the week. Got my papers to get the title gotta round up the cash to pay for all the fees but when I'm finished it'll be worth it. As soon as I find a space to work in I'll be goin like crazy and my real ride after I get finished is gonna be a 1300 mile ride home. That's right I'm gonna take it from North Carolina to Nebraska on it's maiden voyage. Hopefully it'll be warm enough to ride then...
i would plan back roads to get there brother... that high of RPM's on the highway on such a light bike will send you all over the road and you will risk a piston... shoot for side roads/outter roads and you will be golden! but that kind of a trip as the FIRST trip is not very smart... alot will shake loose and need to be tightened down and adjusted after you finish... you should put on at least 1000 miles before you take off brother
I agree. I do think I'll take some good advice and stick to back roads for the trip but I would really like to ride it there, cafe to cafe as it would be. Plus I guess it won't exactly be the first ride more like the first long ride. At any rate, just got off the phone with and my tire shipped out yesterday afternoon. And I went to the local dealership and ordered some odds and ends, i.e. gasket set for my carb, new bulbs for the backlights in the clocks, fork seals, points and condenser. Should be a pretty happy week or so after Friday. Spending some quality time with the bike. It's almost like heaven
My tire gets here tomorrow!!! Finally after months of being dicked around. Anyway, my plans for tomorrow are get the rear wheel polished up tomorrow and put the new tire on. Gonna give it the old seafoam treatment too just to see if I can't clear up some throttle response and bogging issues. I really wish that there were 24 hour automotive stores, I mean c'mon Wal-Mart is open 24-7 why not Autozone? I get some of my best work done at 3a.m.
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