Is this cb750 frame modified???

I recently purchased a frame off Craigslist that was said to be unmodifed. I know nothing about bikes and now I have a sickening suspicion that this headtube has been rewelded for a diff rack angle.

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This was a pic of bike. seller told me that it had a longer fork. Does this angle look modified? I don't understand all the bondo. This is a 1972 CB750

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fly2devin said:
Does this angle look modified? I don't understand all the bondo.

It looks like it to me it may have been raked some. Maybe some close up pics of whats under the bondo, kinda looks like a bunch of weld there that shouldn't be there. I'd suggest getting rid of as much of the bondo as possible and then post some more pics up. A 72 owner should also be able to measure there wheelbase and then you can compare yours.

A bunch of bondo doesn't always mean it was raked though, at one time it was popular to "mold" the frames with a bunch of bondo in areas. The head stock was one of those areas.
Well looking at other frames online I've noticed that I'm missing two top bars that go under the gas tank

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I was supposed to get fork, wheels, seat, and brakes but he didn't ship them and then he took the head and covers off the block. I paid 430 to ship a busted frame. So bummed...

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It's raked out quite a bit. 750's didn't have near that angle stock. Looks as though it's been cut, rewelded, and THEN "molded" to cover up the modified head tube. I'd sell it for scrap metal, drink a beer to get over the loss of the purchase price, and buy one that doesn't have bondo, a rewelded head tube, or "longer forks".
Take him to small claims court, or file a grievance or something. He swindled you apparently, made false claims and sold you something unsafe and then only gave you half the parts you agreed on.
Yeah drinking and looking for another bike... Happy new year

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