Just what i need- another bike! CB400F

Theyre not even in the same league. The 350 is a commuter bike that can be made to perform quite well. The 400f is a racer that can be made to do evil things. Ha...
B L A K E said:
Wow cool. I wanna build a 400/4 for my next step up :) how much of a difference is a bike like this going to perform against a 71 cb350 such as mine? and are the 400/4s capable of interstate cruising easily? i know the cb350 doesn't like the interstate very well.

The 400/4 has such an improbable power to weight ratio that it creates a vacuum and you arrive at your destination before you have even thought of leaving.
And that's a real fact.
That's good stuff Erksine- right now the only vacuum it's creating is the one hovering over my wallet though........

This mornings progress:

Got the oil pan off and cleaned it out, and got the clutch assembly off as well.
stik70 said:
Very cool project Rich! I'm happy you found one. This will be a fun one to watch!

Happy that he found a project, or that he found a 400F?

Last time I check his stable wasn't exactly short on two wheeled money vaccums. ;)
Thanks guys. I plan on splitting the cases since the "horseshoe" part of the CCT seems to be seized up. Won't know for certain til I get in there though. One thing that had me a little concerned (and curious) was when I pulled off the oil pan, there appeared to be little rust flakes mixed in the sludge. They were real brittle shavings soaked in oil, and stuck to a magnet........but a visual inspection through the opening on the bottom of the case showed absolutely no wear to the gears and stuff inside. Weird.......
Wow man I'm really stoked for you. The 400F is one of my "bucket list" bikes. I've just got to own and ride the piss out of one at some point. Subscribed.
You know how I feel about this. I love you 10x more, and that is saying something.
Thanks Todd and Kiley. I didn't even know about the 400f's til I became a member here. Then when I saw Miles's bike......the search was on for sure.

Still plenty of work to do. There are some plans in the future for sure now........
After talking out some details with Kiley, I don't see any reason to split the cases. A little tap on the horse shoe part of the tensioner proved it wasn't seized. So just some cleaning up and painting will take care of the bottom end. Instead of boring the cylinders to .25 over, I will be going with the big bore kit. Gotta get machined, may as well do it big, right?

Just want to say thanks again to all you guys for the guidance (enabling, whatever). I now have a fairly good idea of where I want to go with this scoot.
I'm impressed Rich. you ripped into that thing right quick.

It's a shame (on my part) that it didn't need a rod bearing (could have sold it for more!), but it sounds like many of its issues were beyond my knowledge anyway.

The previous owner before me I'm pretty sure tried rebuilding the top end, hence the missing tensioner.

Good luck with that wiring harness...I botched it up pretty good at my own admission.
Actually Paul, the tensioner is in there, it just wasn't mounted properly on the top. It's one of those "really bad or not bad at all" things.......Either way, the motor does need rebuilt. Blown ring with a scratched wall, leaking valves, cam chain wear, etc.

Right now all the parts are sitting in a bin with just the tank and seat resting on the frame. I basically refuse to touch it until both Suzuki's are done. Spreading myself a little thin........
Looks like a promising project Rich.I don't think I have ever seen a 400F.If I did,I didn't know what I was looking at.
ben2go said:
Looks like a promising project Rich.I don't think I have ever seen a 400F.If I did,I didn't know what I was looking at.

Well than my friend, you have just witnessed greatness. The 400f is all that every Honda wishes to be.
I think that you should abandon this project, Rich, and give all of the parts to me. Yep. That's what I think. Ha.
Just sitting on shelves for now. I want to finish some other projects so I can concentrate on this one.
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