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I posted a query yesterday and cannot find it today! So here goes, with my apologies if this appears to everyone else as a duplicate. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me:

What model carb is used on the 74 350F?

What bike model uses the 627A? That is not a typo, I do not mean the 657A used on some 750s ;)


Just keep pluggin' every day and it'll get done!
I had several PM conversations about the 350F carbs and finally determined that Keihin 656C carbs were used, though there may have been others. Thanks to all who participated! Please do add more info if you have it!

Attached is my revised carb/bike list 'for your viewing pleasure'. It cross references carb models to Honda SOHC 4s along with default carb settings. Please note, on Type 1 carbs the number is on the carb body flange where it meets the mount flange, on the top right of the flange. In the pic attached, the box shows where to look. The Type 2 PD46A has a stamping on the right side of the carb body just above the float bowl, it says 46A and then some symbols.

I found that it's dangerous to buy carbs that are supposed to be for a certain bike. I have several sets that were supposed to be for a certain bike but they are not. Knowing the right model number would have avoided some hassle.


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I have been researching threads concerning optimum tune for stock 74 cb350f and noticed the float level you have listed as 21mm has been an issue because the repair manuals state that spec but most have used 23-24mm with better results. Thank you for gathering all this information, no one else would've went the extra mile bradda. Mahalo


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What does the "JN" mean?

And thanks for gathering and posting this info........!!!!!!!

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