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The Elextrexworld kit is pretty much what I had in mind.
I'm afraid to see what shipping to the States is.
Ask them to do their best with shipping. I've had more reasonable shipping (and faster) from Yambits in UK than Economycycle in US on RD restoration parts.


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No pics to post, but after testing, it is putting out 11.6 VAC at idle and goes up 20VAC at 2000rpm and 23VAC at 2500.
Didn't rev it any higher, but that should be enough to keep the lights on.

I noticed some play in the rear end, wheel bearings and swing-arm bushings are going to nee replacing. It looks like someone has already replaced the plastic/rubber bushings with metal, but at the least the small inner bushings are shot. will have to do some measuring.


Gold Coast, Queensland
I just had a set of brass outer bushes spun up for mine. Also found out there are 2 types of inner. Greaseable and non-greasable. Had to buy a new swing arm bolt to match the greaseable type.


Been Around the Block
I completely spaced taking any pics, but I got a set of the bronze outer bushings for the swingarm. Installed them, and the swingarm.
Headed out to the garage now to get the new tire mounted and installed. Then get the headlight on and maybe a putt around the block.

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